What is OoohMami?

OoohMami was founded on making beef jerky easier to eat. It was created to bring interesting and unique flavors to people. Most recently, its been streamlined to showcase and introduce Asian Flavors to people through beef jerky.

Completely biased opinion, but crispy beef jerky is the best way to consume jerkyIt brings the end of the dreaded “Beef Gum” you find with so many other big name brands.

I hope you enjoy eating it as much as I enjoy creating them!

What Flavors do you offer?

It started with OG. It was a riff on a Chicken Karaage Marinade. Added Gochujang and Gochugaru and the rest was history.

D2 was created because friends liked OG but wanted it spicier. Habaneros, Serranos, and Thai Chilis were added for that fiery heat. Anyone can make something spicy, but will it taste good? This definitely tastes good!

Citrus Haze was up next and the thought behind this was to add brightness to it. Fresh Lemon, Orange, and Lime juice was added to the OG base to create a bright citrusy take on Beef Jerky.

And to round out the “First Four” is Sticky Icky. It was founded kind of on a dare, some might say a “request”. When OoohMami was started, I was still driving Uber. A customer tried the 3 flavors I had on hand and asked if i had a teriyaki flavor. I didn’t. It’s teriyaki with a twist!

D2/Citrus Haze/The OG

Citrus Haze, D2 and OG