New Flavors part 1

After building the customer base with the First Four Flavors, I kinda stagnated. I wanted to create something new. And it all started incidentally with another chicken dish. My Friend Paul was having a cookout and he wanted me to make something. Kinda last minute, but I thought whats easy and can go on the grill Chicken Wings! So I again turned to google and searched how to make a buffalo sauce. For anyone who’s wondering, its super easy. Franks or any Hot sauce you want and butter…thats it. I wanted to be extra and make two versions as per usual. 

A fun thought experiment is putting myself in the shoes of an Asian immigrant mom and trying to adapt American Cuisine with Asian Flavors.  So I added lemon grass, thai chilis, fish sauce and a little bit of sugar to that base buffalo sauce.  It was amazing, but needed work. Both recipes turned out to be a hit! You know what comes next, right? Turning it into jerky.

That cookout incidentally started two new flavors to the lineup. Buffalo Ranch and Thai curry.

Buffalo Ranch

Thai Curry kinda blended that south East Asian buffalo sauce and my friend Delle’s dish of Basil Chicken. I decided to scrap the buffalo sauce aspect of it and use what I picked up when observing Delle make Basil Chicken. To my knowledge, no ones used coconut milk or curry paste in jerky before. I though, “Why not?” That first batch was everything the current version has minus the curry paste. Had a little taste test after that batch was done and they agreed. It was good, but it was missing something. Red Curry paste was soon added and it was on its way to becoming a “signature flavor” if the company ever had one.

Thai Curry

Also, for those who read the FAQ, the curry paste I use also has the benefit of being vegan!

More in Part 2