Where I’ve been/ Announcements/ Flavor Spotlight: Sticky Icky

Where I’ve been/ Announcements/ Flavor Spotlight: Sticky Icky

I apologize for not cooking last week or even making a blog post but in all honesty I was nursing a shoulder injury that happens when you age. It feels like I could literally sleep for 30 minutes with my neck being in a funny position and I’d be in pain for a week. It also occurred to me that these next two months will be quite busy. Maybe taking a short break in between would be for the better, because I know event weeks will be rough!

I have two announcements though (perfect segue) I will have back to back events coming up in March and April respectively. It feel good to be able to attend these events, and get the word out for the brand.

The first event is one thats a little closer to home and that is Aloha Home Market! 

It’ll be a chance to showcase the product to a different market and be an interesting data point to my previous events in mililani. Thank you so much Aloha Home Market, for allowing me to sell at this event! We’ll be at stall 214. I will also clear the air; I am not a woman. The “Mami” part of the name comes from “Umami” Though, I am eternally grateful for the support my actual mom shows when she comes to help me cook/clean on a weekly basis! 


The next month I will be back at Mililani for Delish! 

I’m excited to be back at Mililani because this was my first event selling to actual people that didn’t involve a target parking lot! Thank you Jen for having me back!

As per usual Event related cooks, I will close pre orders for the 2 weeks prior to the event for preparations and if I’m not too zonked out I will of course put the extras up for sale the day after the events! 

With the important announcements out of the way, lets continue on with the Flavor Spotlight; which so happens to be Sticky Icky.

In order to do so, we’ll have to go back to the origins of the company. 

1. What is teriyaki?

I’m sure its not too big of a mystery. It is a sauce made with Soy Sauce, Mirin, Sake, and Sugar. Usually in equal amounts, which is then reduced to a thick shiny glaze. However, if you’re in a pinch and mirin and sake aren't available, you could make do with Soy Sauce and Sugar.

2. Origins

It started out like a normal day for Uber after a cook. My car smelled like a delicious blend of shoyu, garlic, ginger and beef. Got in, set the driver app to active and was on my way. The ride that set fate spinning was a pickup in Waikiki at a hotel to Hanauma Bay. It was a lovely young woman and her mom and dad. I apologized for my car smelling “beefy” and we proceeded to have the typical uber-passenger conversation. They eventually asked about the beef jerky and at the time only “OG, D2 and Citrus Haze” was available. They liked it, but the Woman asked “Do you have a teriyaki flavor?” For anyone who knew me back then, I never wanted to do “regular flavors” and for the most part, still don’t.

I answered back with “no” and because she was attractive (I’m weak, I know) with which I followed up with “but for you, I can try it out”

“Great” she replied. “If you can have it ready by Saturday, I’ll pick up two bags” 

Immediately, turned off the app after dropping them off and headed to the kitchen. I looked up recipes and tried to figure out how to put a twist on teriyaki.  Reluctantly, I settled upon Pineapple.

Turned to Dr. Google and looked up a simple teriyaki recipe and  figured out a way to add pineapple to it. Now, the hard part of making beef jerky, is theres no instant gratification. Sure, you can taste the marinade and get a general feeling for how it might end up, but its not the same. Thats why what set Ooohmami apart in the early days was it was tested on actual steaks that we could cook up immediately.

Marinaded everything overnight and proceeded to rack it up the next day. 8 hours later, had the first taste and it was “bussin” in todays terms. Messaged my customer, saying “it was ready and that it was great” and she replied, “awesome, you can pick me and my family up and take us to the airport on Saturday”

Picked her and her family up at the hotel, gave her the first 2 bags of sticky icky and the rest is history.  As for why the name? Like the 3 flavors that came before it (minus d2) they were all based off strains of cannabis. Because one of my other customers felt it was like a deal of the illicit variety being made. It was also a very sticky marinade and “Maui Wowie” felt a bit too on the nose.  

It’s quickly became one of the most popular flavors because it was familiar to people with a slight twist.  That pineapple really sets it off. 

Its changed and evolved over the years, it’s now known for its candied appearance and texture. It blends Savory and sweet perfectly! It is also the most beautiful amber color as light passes through it! It is quite THICC. The sound each dried piece makes as it hits the Cambro its weighed in, is so memorable. 

I Hope y’all can pick up a bag to try. It’ll be offered in the regular 3 oz bag and as part of the OoohMini sample sets!

Picture of sticky icky courtesy of Sean Takehara!

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