Welcome to Jurassic Park

Welcome to Jurassic Park

Hi and welcome to the shop, blog, or whatever you would like to call it. Im grateful that you’re here. Though, I have to admit it feels a little odd writing this for two reasons.

1. Is that this “welcome” type post is being written after the first post celebrating CNY and simultaneously exploring the origins of Traditional Bak Kwa and OoohMami Bak Kwa.  

2. Having a dedicated website for the online part, streamlining it for people; makes the business seem even more real. Pay no attention that soon, we’ll be in business legitimately for a year. Wait, wow. It feels even more surreal to say that.

Moving on, point 2 is correct. This website is brand new. I moved it over (see: completely redid everything) from a different service and is meant to streamline everything for everyone that isn’t in my immediate vicinity. Theres full on menus, breakdowns of each flavor, experimental flavors and a Working Online Shop (hooray for being able to measure stuff in ounces and grams!)

I’m still learning and growing with the site, so please pardon my ignorance at times and theres still much to be fixed or updated. Like, newer and better pictures of the flavors for all the ones that don’t look professionally done (it’s easy to tell which ones I took. Hah)

I’m also coming to grips with all the cool little add-ons one can apply to this site, like preorders! That will be coming today!

For now though, I want to announce that the next 4 flavors that will available for preorder/purchase this week will be Thai Curry, Sticky Icky, Takoyaki, and Bak Kwa. 

*edit at 3:58 am: Pre-orders are live! 3 of them are active while takoyaki and bak kwa still has stock. Mistakenly added D2 to the pre-order live as well. Enjoy!

The next flavor spotlight will be Takoyaki. Look for that potentially tomorrow! Im going to try and write a Flavor Spotlight each week for the Main 8+Takoyaki. 

Thank you for reading this far, and thank you all for supporting me and getting to this point. I really appreciate all of you!

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