I wanted to write a short post about how grateful I am. This past week was a small cook, respectfully. However, there was big movement and growth behind the scenes. This site was created, having a store that works, and trying to get everyone to use the site. I’m lost in a sea of numbers, trying to make sense of it all, deciding whats important to look at, and whats not. But then I realize, what truly is important. It’s y’all.

Without y’all, I wouldn't even be where I am today. Without y’all’s feedback on flavors they wouldn't be anywhere as strong. Truly, I am grateful for all of you. I’m grateful for my mom. For those long nights prepping for MTA craft fairs, for being the voice of reason and slowing me down when my creativity spirals out of control. I hope you’re prepared to do more events (hehe)

Thank you to everyone who used the store! Y’all are amazing!

Thank you!

With the gushy stuff out of the way here’s a brief overview of a loose game plan for next week. I wanted to work on Doenjang Jjigae and A special valentines flavor (probably have small amount of samples for both) and for sale: I’ll let the winds of fate decide. If you want to participate, I asked a question on IG. Tomorrow at around this time I’ll decide. IG is OoohMami808

Until next time, 


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